At COOLMATE we love dogs, so we strive to give our dogs the best. As we all know that: owners and dogs are interactive relationship, both need companionship. Our dogs often invite us to play with them, if we do so. We can easily find that they are happy and satisfactory. Then they are nice and loyal to us in rewards. Enjoying fun is the nature of dogs and companionship is vitally important for them too, but we owners have to work sometimes. 

Therefore, our mission from day one was to return the favor by giving the lovely dogs what they deserve – premium, holistic, funny products that allow these amazing animals to look and feel healthy and happy while they live life to the fullest. A loyal friend and amazing playmate --- iDogmate ball launcher for dogs is becoming part of our dogs’ life!


Built for love! Love is our inspiration, iDogmate launcher our method!
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